Guess the film!

Guess the film!



Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but calls Vancouver, BC home, Louisa has a Bachelor of Performing Arts Degree and a Diploma in Theatre from Capilano University. 

Louisa works as a professional 2nd Assistant Director with the DGC BC while pursuing a career as a filmmaker and performer. She has worked on such feature films as "I, Robot", "Cabin in the Woods", "Night at the Museum 3", and television shows such as "Supernatural", "Battlestar Galactica", "The 100", Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and Apple TV’s “See'“.

Louisa and team CBE recently won for Best Ultra Short for the one min horror short film “Day Break” at Vancouver International' Film Festival’s Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon competition. “Hope and Grace”, Louisa’s current short film project ( produced with Regina Leung, John Alvez and Co-Produced with Willan Leung) is currently in post production.

Guiding Principles

1. Serve the story
The story, or the essence of the story that is being told, is the main goal. Staying objective by being the eyes of the audience will help to create the best outcome for it.

2. Jump in with HEROIC (!) energy
When tackling a project or entering new territory, doing so with heroic energy gives permission to go beyond personal limits.

3. Embrace life
Life experiences, both good and bad, can build character. These experiences can add a new depth and understanding to projects.

4. Don't be afraid to fail!
One of the biggest challenges is to think outside the box and to be innovative in thinking or execution. Who cares if it doesn't work?! At least try!

5. Understand the audience
Audiences have changed over time. They are more intelligent and are now looking for ways to connect and interact with the creation of the projects and the artists. Audience engagement is becoming more and more relevant. 

6. Fill the niche
As an artist it is easy to follow the current models and trends. However, there will always be a niche to be filled whether it is one that has faded with time or a new one that no one has thought of before and filling it is a way to set new trends.

7. Finding solutions in spite of the obstacles
Frequently the need to create is hampered by obstacles but they can spark creative solutions with the end result being better than what was originally intended. 

8. Use what is available
Artists can have the capacity to use ANYTHING that is within their grasp to create or tell their stories.

9. Collaboration
Being an artist is probably one of the hardest things to be in the world and it's impossible to go it alone. Collaborating with other artists is integral to developing a signature storytelling style. 

10. Evoke a reaction.
Storytelling allows the audience the freedom to delve into deep emotions without the normal societal boundaries of what constitutes proper behaviour. Make them laugh. Make them cry. Make them feel.