"Stealth&Silence:DC Comic Fan Film" (2016)

Written, Produced & Directed by Louisa Phung

A fan film based on characters from the DC comic universe; Cassandra Cain (Lennox Johnson Yu) , in the "custody" of Roman Sionis (aka Black Mask) (Georgie Daburas)  finds herself caught in the middle when a cat burglar (Aliyah O'Brien) breaks in.

Film Festival News     

October 2017: Official Selection at Comics in Film Festival an the Sante Fe Comic Con, New Mexico, and at the Albuquerque Comic Con, New Mexico.

October 2017: Official Selection at DEDFestX in Edmonton, Alberta.

July 2017: Official Selection at FilmQuest Festival in Provo, Utah, USA.  

May 2017: Official Selection at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, QC, Canada. Opening film for Cambodia's "Jailbreak".

April 2017: Official Selection at the Lady's First International Film Festival in Cork, Ireland. 

April: 2017: Official Selection at the Super Geek Film Festival playing at the Fort Lauderdale, FL and Raleigh, NC, USA, Supercons.

April 2017: Official Selection at the Action on Film International Film Festival in Las Vegas, NV, USA. ***Nominated for Best Make Up (Brittnay Scheelhaase), Best Breakout Action - Female (Aliyah O'Brien), and Best Action Short of the Year.***

April 2017: Canadian Premiere at the Film Fu Fight Festival in Vancouver, BC, Canada

April 2017: World Premiere at The Artemis Women in Action Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA, US


Production Stills

by Sandra Minarik