"HOODS" (2016) with Just for Fun Productions Inc.

Created and Directed by Maja Aro, Produced by Jeff Aro & Louisa Phung

A short film based in a world where folklores meet and meld to create a new reality. Scarlett (Eva Bourne) must seek the one who took the life of her Grams, Robyn (Gabrielle Rose). With the help of Johnny (Ty Olsson), she finds out who she was born to be and steels herself to take on Fredrick Wolfe (Aleks Paunovic).                                                                                                                                                                                              


Award News

April 2017: The Hoods Hair (Charmaine Clarke, Jessica Rain) and Make Up (Madison Mah, Mikaela Austin, & Julianna Vit) teams have been nominated for a 2017 Leo Award.

April 2017: Maja Aro wins Best Director Short Drama at the Artemis Woman in Action Film Festival.

Dec 2015: Maja Aro wins the short film award from MPPIA & WIFF.  

Film Festival News

April 2017: US Premiere at Artemis Woman in Action Film Festival

March 2017: Woman in Film and Television Vancouver Film Festival      

December 2016:  World Premiere at the Whistler International Film Festival.  

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Production Stills

by Sandra Minarik