How to figure stuff out, and what to do with it once you've done it. :P

Okay, so it's been a while since I've blogged. Sorry. Is anyone reading this?! Hi mom.Let's see... For the past few months, things have been both busy and extremely boring and that being the case, I decided to start a video blog... IN JULY! And now it's November  and I still haven't posted anything yet. Sigh. (UPDATE: Lost this post way back when, and after I wrote this, I did it! [youtube=] Yay!) Which brings me to the topic at hand.

How I figure stuff out:

I sit on it.

I procrastinate and call it "marinading the idea" until it's ready to be figured out.

I wait for something to happen.

Well, that hasn't really worked. So here I am, bumbling around just like every other creative monkey trying to be Shakespeare. Today, a friend and I had lunch and we discussed a myriad of topics, but mostly, it was trying to figure out what kind of stories I want to tell and what makes HOW I tell it different/interesting from other filmmakers. Sometimes I worry that I spend so much time figuring what I want to do, that I won't actually do it. But I know that that's not so, and it's that the timing just isn't right, at least, not yet (Hmm... still sounds like an excuse to me).

One way I figure stuff out is forcing myself to stay creative (which translates to editing even though it can be very painful as it's extremely labour intensive. sigh.) So even though I haven't actually posted any Vlogs yet, I kinda guilt myself into working on it. (UPDATE: that worked! *happy dance)

What ended up holding me back  from posting I had this idea that I needed a really great introductory video, you know, to explain why I was doing what I was doing and how, but I got so frustrated from trying to put it together, that I said "You know what? Audiences are smart, they'll figure it out" and so I posted my first video blog. Whoohoo! Of course, uploading it via wifi isn't the fastest way to do this. Meh, you work with what you got.

MUST!EAT! Save-On-Meats!

Of course, this applies to all sorts of things in life. I guess what it breaks down to is identifying your goals, the steps to get there, figuring out what's holding you back and then knocking down those barriers to get to the finish line. The only person who can accomplish your goals is you. If you keep working at it, even if it takes a long time, you can achieve anything within your control. It's finding a way to make it a priority in your life and learning along the way.

Good luck fellow humans. I hope you reach your dreams, even if it takes one micro step at a time.

Oh! In the midst of all this, I figured out my production company name: As the Crow Flies Entertainment Cute eh? It reminds me to get to my goals through the shortest possible route, which is to bypass the roads and taking to the skies.